3500 Miles in 2014

I'm only at about 600 miles this year.  I'll add about 325 to 350 this weekend.  Then about 1,800+ . . . then another 800+ . . .  then maybe another 350 to 600 miles in the Fall (attempt a trip to KC again).  This panhead chopper is set-up to ride.  Just rad enough to keep a guy awake . . . and the Jeff Wiley balanced flywheel assembly smooths out the vibes from the '52 roller bottom.  A couple changes from last year include:  New rubber, Yost Power Tube, Beston grips and battery eliminator (which the jury is still out on this thing).  I'd like to add a battery again(and in-line AMP gauge) to see what I'm putting out for amperage.  It's keeps overcharging these cheapo batteries too much, or the vibration is breaking the inner core contacts of the battery.  Carry a flash light.

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