White Knuckle Ride

I  like this build from the Born Free 7 Show last week.  A really cool show stopper.  The aluminum rims look so good . . . but on a rigid they can bend and flex easier.  The "show bikes" you can ride a distance - I like best.  Most would just need to change the seat, dinky air cleaner(or add an air cleaner) and have a better headlight and brake light for a better bet on the road.  Sure, you can ride these things anyway - just depends how tough you are . . . and you gotta have a place to tie some shit on.  This is why I dig "ride-in" bike shows, and actually the Biker Build-Off television series really showed off how you can build a custom, in a window of time - and ride it 400-600 miles to the event.  Maybe BF8 could incorporate that into the show somehow?  Meet in Reno, Apple Valley, etc . . . and ride to Cali . . . The (Bobby?) dude who rode his custom last year from Chicago impressed me.  I mean, more people would even get to see your hard work if you could ride it more places, instead of in the back of a truck or van.  Still, A+ Sweet Knucklehead - Awesome !   ( not much carbon in the pipes . . . )

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