River of Time

It's very quiet . . .  just riding my bicycle on the early morning trails the last few weeks, before the heat of the afternoon.  Out of the trees and grass, I kick up big cottontail rabbits, baby rabbits, baby squirrels, mice, a skunk going home, birds, etc. busy with their day.  Animals, going about their life.  Busy doing.  They aren't worried about phones, computers, taxes or dish network.  I stop for a picture - It's quiet.  As I'm riding, sometimes I think of people that I've known all my life - forever . . . wonder where they've been?  Then, I remember, they passed away - a year or two or more, but it still seems like they're still around.  You know what I mean?   These people would probably just love to ride this trail just one more time.  Hear the water, hear a certain voice, hear a bird's song, just once more.  The river just keeps flowing.  Sometimes it rages.  Sometimes it's really slow, barely a trickle of water.  Just like the lifetime of a human.  A river can teach you so many things.  Living on a river can make a life more beautiful - and educate you to the importance of people in your life - and what really matters.  I'm lucky to have a river near.  I just got an idea . . . we should go fishing.  Fishing is a good thing.  Good for your living soul.

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