WHITESNAKE - Surf Ballroom 2015

If you were at the Surf Ballroom last night . . . you know what I'm talkin' about.  We got our asses blown away by David Coverdale, guitarist Reb Beach . . . and especially drummer Tommy Aldrich.  When seasoned hard rock gods get together - it's very powerful.  This group was hittin' on all cylinders - The Reb Beach guitar solo was like a fully loaded freight train of molten lava during an earthquake . . . we all stood stunned as to where that sound came from ? . . . The music rocked your core.  Coverdale continues as one of the ultimate rock showmen after all these "thousands of years" as he says . . . from his days in Deep Purple, Coverdale / Page . . . and the ballad masters of his own band, Whitesnake.  I had never seen the crowd in the Surf with more hands in the air, smiles on faces, and overheard quotes like . . . Holy Fuck they fuckin' rock - That was Awesome . . . It was really cool.
Reb Beach (above) ranks as my favorite rock guitarist.   
Joel Hoekstra compliments this band perfectly with his classically-trained licks.
He played brilliantly.
Tommy Aldrich - Rock Drummer of the Gods
Enough Said.
Whitesnake - The Purple Tour 2015  (A+)

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