Cam Length

When changing cams, you can check to see how the length of your new cam differs from your old cam with this method.  The few thou difference (+ or -) makes a difference in your end-play and thrust washer thickness . . .
Set your cam upright on something flat (glass, parallel block, etc).  We slide a trued sleeve (which is slightly longer than the down end of cam) over the end that's down since some cams may be a bit irregular on the end or have a burr around the center.  Zero Out the indicator on the thrust washer surface of your old cam, then set up your new cam to see the difference (+ or -) in length of your new cam.  Assuming your old cam was installed with the correct end play, this method can eliminate having to remove a tappet block to check cam end-play ?  Another more accurate method to check lengths of parts more precise than just using a caliper.

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