Sucks - Period

Is it just me, or does it suck the AMA Pro Flat Track Series Finale will be held at a tiny, little indoor bowl track of a casino in Las Vegas?  They tried racing on their rock infested, motocross washboard of a race track a few years ago.  The desert is for desert racing.  Casinos are for gambling.  They should all race those modified XR100s instead - it'd more more competitive.  It's a 1/10 mile track !  Let's just run around the sofa.  Why would the AMA allow such a thing?  They could put down some coke-syrup and do-it-better, but they won't.  I hope the fans in Vegas that show up for their "1st Pro Flat Track Race" don't think this is what it's really like?  I know these boys will put on a good show regardless, but they're pro racers - and they deserve a professional track.  They've all raced tiny, indoor tracks in their youth - but, this is the series - The Pro Series.  Hell, I guess if I'd get enough seating, and put up enough money, I could promote a race at our local Floyd County Fairgrounds.  They could race in between the demo derby and the mutton busting.  Sort of a disgrace to a great sport.  A close, exciting points finish to an exciting season comes down to a race on a hockey rink. 

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Jeff Hawbaker said...

AMA plain sux. Government for the racers only to profit themselves, not the racers. If the racers had to race without sponsorship.... well they would be money ahead to work at Mac Dons