Windage Reduction

The 1960 Chevrolet 283cu in. will benefit from reduced oil pan windage via this custom fabbed Canton Racing Windage Screen.  You can see the "oil dam" under the screen to keep oil from surging forward away from the pump pick-up during braking and long downhills.  This one-way screen lets oil through, but restricts the fluid from flying around, calming the oil windage and restricts oil from clinging to the moving crank journals.  The side plates keep oil from crawling up the pan sides to the crank.  This method reduces friction, creates less drag and increases horsepower and torque through the entire rpm range.  Most of these ideas came from the brain of Smokey Yunick (who I've always admired) since many of his methods were the modification of stock-type parts.  Use what you got !   I worked all Saturday on this thing - what a job !

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