Cylinders on-for-good.  Magneto is timed and in-for-good.  I've been checking my valve lift with modeling clay . . . and I have the required +.040 clearance for Exhaust, and +.100 clearance for Intakes.  This is the distance from the open valve head to the cylinder head.  I guess you need these distances for best air flow?   My friend Willard just moved to town, and after we messed with this motor for a bit, we went for a ride to Orchard, Mitchell and Osage.  It was a beautiful late afternoon.  The orange sun setting with a cool breeze.  I rode the '61CH, and ran it up real fast on a smooth, open blacktop on the way back.  The motor feels solid -  so sweet with a different set of factory PB Cams.  No oil leaks.  I went about 22 miles on reserve with the peanut tank, but my new Taiwan H4 bulb blew both filaments again. 

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