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You can contact DICE Magazine for a subscription 
from the information listed above . . .
Whenever I come home and see that yellow envelope sticking out of my mailbox, 
I get all excited that a new issue is here . . .

The last 6 issues of DICE had a good variety of motorcycles builds.  It was my first full subscription, different from buying issues here and there at DICE parties, etc . . .

I really like the magazine, don't get me wrong . . . but, it's kinda funny 'cuz they'll be a real grass-roots build chopper a fella built with the last pennies in his pockets.  The bike is rough, but so cool.  He worked so hard and scraped his cash to build this thing.  Then, the next page has an ad for some kinda clothing that when I look up the website, it costs like $800 for a denim vest, and $75 socks.  I guess it's the advertiser that pay the bills, so other than that - I really like the magazine.  Some grammar errors here and there . . . but, I use the word 'cuz.  

The cover of Issue 64 is one of the coolest covers I've ever seen on a magazine.  
A relief type "raised" cover - and the artist is featured inside every issue.  

DICE Magazine
Try it, You'll Like it !

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