1952-1953-Early 1954 TECH:

This is the first K-Model Rear Hub.  19" Rear Rim(non drop center).  Stock on 1952 and 1953 K Models (some say early '54 too)  It has a weird, extra-wide double ball bearing, short spacer and cork seal on the drive side (which was used until '62 actually).  If my measurements are correct, I could replace the wide bearing with 2ea thinner ball bearings (like the -54 part number hub)?  I'd run the 2 bearings with the small ring spacer on the bearing IDs - and the left side has the same bearing on all years.  This hub is unique since it's steel, with a larger flange on the drive-side - and a smaller flange on the left (which the spoke head hook into the hub, like a front 1/2 brake hub).  The left-hand-thread bearing retainer and dust shield,  is also the same part number as the 1/2 brake hub.  Confused now?  How about inside spokes opposite directions, outside spokes opposite directions, cross three, cross two . . . Where's my Sudoku ?

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