My "Arthur Davidson Ride"

Arthur Davidson died on December 30th, 1950.  In the Winter, not really that long ago actually.  He was there to see the very first Hydra-Glide . . . but, never really saw rear suspension. When I see pictures of Arthur (in particular) riding his motorcycles year-round in Milwaukee, Wisconsin . . . I'm impressed.  Arthur was a founder, but even more than that . . . he was a racer, and a full blown, addicted motorcycle rider - for all seasons.  I've read where all the top brass (whether they thought of themselves as brass or not) rode Harley-Davidson motorcycles to their jobs at the H-D factory - Year 'Round . . . even in the Winter.  On brutally cold days.  So, here's to Arthur Davidson . . .  and anybody else who doesn't have a car right now, and has no choice, but to ride their bike all Winter . . . those slippery spots . . . ahhhh, whoa !

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