XLCH Oil Tank Mounting Plates and Bolts

I recently purchased an XLCH Oil Tank(No.25)  My first tank came with my 1961 XLCH, so the cost was included with the purchase price of the motorcycle.  I bought a 2nd tank for my '52K project around the year 1995 (at the Farmington AMCA Swap Meet) for $75.00, and I remember the guy didn't really want to sell it (I had offered $50).  I bought my 3rd tank(for the Iron XR project) in Florida for $75.00 and ended up with about $175.00 in it.  I just bought my 4th tank in a 'round about way, magneto parts trade and cash . . . and I'll have about $300.00 in this thing, and I don't even have it yet.  Prices have gone way-up on these things.  They are golden all of a sudden.  H-D manufactured 3 different XLCH versions, and this is the First Version -52 part number.  There's a -52A and a -52B also.  Now that you know the story of my oil tanks, I'd like to tell you my real reason for this post.

The price a person pays for vintage parts, or things you want, is a funny thing to me.  If you really want it, you'll do anything to get it.  Sell stuff.  Work overtime.  Trade, Sacrifice, Loans, Etc . . . or if you have the skills - You'll make the part.  I've made a lot of little parts, since I didn't always have money.  As a guy gets older, more financially secure and possibly (and most likely) more lazy . . . it's easy to just pay the extra and BUY IT NOW.  Why go though all the fuss?  Just buy it.  That's what I've done here, and I feel kinda like a wanna-be fake bike builder.  I feel I didn't wait or sacrifice enough to get this.  Just got it too easy.  I don't know why, but I'm anxiously waiting for this thing to arrive, and hoping I don't have to do too much work to make it correct (since it's rusty, dented, and needs the chrome stripped), but I may feel better about it . . . if I have to work to make it right, other than just buying a perfect, whatever I want. 

I need No.29 and No.31 too.  These parts are special mounting plates with bevels, countersinking, and special bolts with special heads and diameters. Should I make them?  Get some steel?  Take the time . . . but I see this guy on the internet has beautifully made plates and bolt kits, Parkerized, ready to go for $49.99 + Shipping.  BUY IT NOW ?

 These things really are beautiful !
(Tank No. 3)


epinut said...

Tank #3 is the -52A (late -61 to mid -62). Feed nipple placed as low as possible & "unboxed" rear mount as on -52B.

Noot said...

Meaning 3rd tank I bought . . . But, you are correct. That "square feed" is a rare one kinda. You ever see that one with the return & vent spread apart? Are all the late -52B tanks boxed?

epinut said...

Ok, I thought you were referring to the one pictured... Yes, there are some variations in the fitting placements although the part numbers dosen't change. Haven't figured it out yet, & I'm not certain if one might be a "R" tank?

As far as I now all -52B (mid -62 to -65)tanks are the same, unboxed & sump feed.

epinut said...


Noot said...

I think they moved the Vent input fittings over to the right, or the vent would hit the back rocker box on the Sportster rear rocker box?? The "competition" 4 qt (like for a KR) has the vent and returns farther apart.