Genuine Junk Parts

This S&S B carburetor was so stuck, gummed, and messed up - I heated, soaked, everything and it finally came apart.  The valves(in the back) were stuck in the guides, and each valve was rusted, and stuck to the seats . . . had to tap them out with a drift.  Oil pump parts are corroded and rusty.
These heads were assembled years ago with no oil on anything.  Somebody just used a wire wheel and made the combustion chamber look like it was fresh . . . anything but !
Cracked gear cover(needs welding) and more corroded parts, oily, dirty and need to be cleaned and blown dry before I can bead blast them and find out they are cracked or junk anyway . . . this is the way it goes - work and labor to find out you can't use it anyway . . .

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