Joe Hunt Magneto Products: My Opinion

I read a comment recently from a "fairly reputable" custom bike builder's reference to all Joe Hunt Magneto Products being "totally junk" . . . and I disagree with him.  It made me think a bit less of his abilities. I mean, the products are good - from my experience.  Maybe not idiot-proof, but what aftermarket part isn't?  Hunt has a niceand solid, aluminum bearing top plate(with bigger screw bosses so you can't strip the threads as easy), I've used their long(FL type) base on many Fairbanks Morse heads . . . the points are decent.  The condensers have great MF ratings (which we tested) at 25mf (whereas the Morris only had 21) . . . but, I guess if you're a good wrench, and know about timing and spark and look at what you're doing.  I've got many many miles on Joe Hunt products.  All my bikes get ridden.  I own 6+ motorcycles with magnetos - and all have some different type of Joe Hunt Product.  My buddy has a Morris wind-up "cheater" auto-mag deal on his bike, and it's sorta big.  It works, but it don't start like my stuff.  I'll soon help him get it better, but it's just big - and the original Fairbanks Morse head looks cleaner, and not so billet lookin'..  A Joe Hunt mag on this project Iron XR works perfectly.  The Sifton (I know, "quality again") copper core plug wires were checked for continuity and are 100% perfect . . . I guess the more you wrench, the better you get, and you can make anything work if you know how to set it up.  You call Joe Hunt and get a voice on the phone, they'll get you a "tech" guy if needed, and they ship fast.  I like their Buzz-Box too.  I think his comments were a bit harsh . . . maybe he should just run a Dyna S ? Unless he can't get that to work - and they'll soon be "junk" too . . . My positive just canceled out his negative.


Jeff Wright said...

I ordered a custom built Magneto from Joe Hunt. New, custom built.....Very expensive...
For the 2015 BMW.
I brought Moose from Moose Magneto's in, along with Jim Hickman over seeing my inabilities.
Moose took the mag apart from the box. Joe Hunt used used parts in my new custom ordered new very expensive Mag.
So I'm not sure I completely agree with you.
Does it work? Yes.
Love bro.

Noot said...

If you order new, you'd better get NEW ! Appreciate your feedback, I may have just been gettin' lucky - and I'm not ordering anything too complicated either.