Spina in the Hills !

 I hadn't seen Uncle Bob in over a year . . . so I jammed it out to Creekside to hook up for some races, concerts and a whole lotta fun.  This year Bob had his own air-conditioned cabin.

Hittin the road to town for a big breakfast, check out the scene . . . and then flat-track for the afternoon.
 This Victory sportbike I could ride this (but I probably won't)
Victory Superbike ! for: Pikes Peak
Here it is - The FTR750 Scout
The future of flat track motorcycle racing . . .
Complete with Bill Tuman's #51 racing number.
 I ran into John Graff's crew (Colorado) at the races . . . they ride vintage exclusively.

After the races, we hooked up later for some crazy-ness at the new
Full Throttle Saloon and Pappy Hoel Campground for Ted Nugent !
This place is fucking huge !  20,000 bikers out there . . .
Totally nuts !
Nugent and Plan B rocked !

 Uncle Ted says, "America is the Greatest . . . and Fuck this, Fuck that . . ." But,  he's still one of the greatest guitarists and entertainers to ever step on the stage . . " I went to see the doctor and he gave me the cure . . . I think I got it some more . . . . Cat Scratch Fever . . . .

An incredible 2016 . . . The rally is strong as ever.  Always something new at Sturgis, and I'd do it all over again next week . . . as soon as I heal up a bit.  I rode home in one shot with Rattlecan, then dropped down and ran 2-laners through South Dakota hill country, across the James River, down Hwy 44, then back  through Western Iowa farmlands, small towns with diners and bars.  As the sun was setting on my back, my panhead glistened in the evening light.  The tone of my pipes was perfect.  One hand on the bars, one hand on my jockey shift . . . I rolled into my town . . . tired and so happy to be home again.  All the way back in one swoop on the ol' pan chopper.  12 gas stops. 11.8 hrs. 660 miles.  A good days run.  

See ya soon Bob . . . .

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Noot said...

Spina gave me a comment . . . You'll ready for it??? Uncle Bob say, "A true literary genius is in the makin' - ain't no use fakin' - Throw them other rags away - RickyNoot is here to stay !"

Long Live the RickyNoot Blog . . . See more features as soon as I rebuild, change oil & fire-up my Facebook Account again.

Ride on Brothers ! Thanks Bobby !