Sturgis 1/2 Mile Monday at the Fairgrounds

This race gets better every year.  Steve Nace puts on this race with Gypsie Vintage Cycle.  Brad "The Bullet" Baker checked out on the factory H-D 750 to win the main.  Halbert, Rob Pearson, Mees and Rich King all had great showings.  These guys were the fastest on the track, all on different motorcycles.  The groove was narrow, but . . . two and three wide in the corners was a common sight.

 Brad Baker pulled a big wheelie off every corner (turns 2 and 4) . . . that Harley was hookin' up !
Rich King's Rotax is the same motorcycle he "Won a national on . . . in I think '96 ?"  If I'm not mistaken, I believe he won the LaSalle, Illinois Short Track. 
 Jared Mees just couldn't get to Baker . . . The Bullet got a great start and he was gone.  Mees settled into 2nd, but then Halbert (trying low and high lines, he was all over the place) finally caught Mees and passed him for 2nd place.  Halbert never gives up . . . the announcer said it was a battle between "The Slammer" and "The Jammer"

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