Sturgis 2016

Finally got to ride with another vintage bike this year.  Me and Rattlecan loaded up the panheads and hit the road to Sturgis.  3rd year in a row for my '52 motor and tranny.  A great trip.  Here's more . . .
Stopped in Alton, Iowa where my grandfather is buried.  I've now outlived him.  Never met him, but I will someday.  Damn, where'd that gray come from ?????
The nerves were gone now - Chad started having some fun.  This was his first time out to the rally - he needed a break from the riff-raff.
 Crossing the Missouri . . . 
Badlands pit stop . . .
Of all places . . . it was 55 degrees with cold drops of rain through the Badlands.  I've rode through there about 15 times - and never this cold.  It was weird.
The FXR Show on Sunday was very well received.  

Met up with Hux & Jessi . . . Darrel's FXRT is as good a rider or show bike as any at the show.  It's one of my favorites.  Now it was time to party a little . . . Yee Haa !

 I stopped at the sight of the old Full Throttle Saloon.  I knew that place in-and-out.  Even though many kinda make fun of that place, I had some of the best times there.  The Horse Chopper Shows, concerts from Shooter, The Reverend, KWS, Cinderella, Heart . . . and the first Jackyl show, backstage with Goldberg, drinkin' with McCoy and Kike on the bridge, Me, Spina and Lil' Joe hangin' out, the School Bus Bar, servicing bikes with Bacon, storms, hail, VIP, all things fun - all at the FTS.  It made me sad - and I can't believe how hot a fire can get.  Even the semi tractors way up high had their big 10 ply tires burnt completely off !

Michael Lichter Show was fun, from what I remember ?

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Hux said...

Good stuff Noot....the red and gold FXR in your photo was stolen in Nevada along with the trailer it was in, 2 other bikes and the Ford that was pulling it all....fuckin sad people are that low. Had a great time with you and Rattlecan...thanks again for everything and the killer shot of Jessi and I rolling. See ya soon