Update for a VLD Sprocket Shaft Seal

The "reverse thread" sprocket shaft seals are designed to continually force escaping oil back-into-the-engine.
A few racers have told me this method also can force dust and dirt into your engine a little bit.  My new "junior machinist" Randy, turned me a step inside the oem steel seal . . . so we can lightly press-in the updated Colony lip-type seal. 

This seal fits in the left case (from the inside) and locates on that small dowel pin to keep it from spinning.  The actual Left Case Race presses against this seal (the small slot to lube the seal).  I found a sleeve that just fit inside our new counterbore, heated the steel a bit, and lightly pressed in the seal (with the seal spring out, towards the oil) . . . and then dropped the whole business in some cool water, so I didn't melt the rubber seal. 
Now it won't leak so bad . . . and it'll help keep out the dirt. 

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