PJ1 Satin Black: FAST BLACK

This is the best paint (I've found) for Shovelhead and Sportster cylinders, cast iron heads . . . Anything you want satin black.  It's perfect.  Not too flat, not too gloss.  It looks great and holds up very well.  I paint head bolts with it too, then you can 'touch-up' after you torque them (same paint as the heads or cylinders). 
Cures fully after running the engine.  Smells terrible !  Wear a mask . . . clean the spray tip after use.


Chris K said...

Good info. What do you use for silver barrels etc.?

Noot said...

Harley-Davidson Hi-Heat Silver - It's the one with a -78 part number. It's about $25 a can now (outrageous) but it doesn't turn yellow/gold, stays silver, resists oil or gas . . . and the tip won't clog - you'll use the entire can, right down to the very end. It's great stuff Chris ! I use it on stuff to look like Cadmium too.