Youth is King

Mert Lawwill

We all know Mert's gloried history . . . but from 1968-1972, Keith Mashburn was one of the best flat track racers in the country.  He was hired by Yamaha for the '68 season to ride all the short tracks, half miles and miles.  He blazed victories and podium finishes in most all the nationals.  Later in his career, Keith was approached by Harley-Davidson for a factory ride, but thought his place with Yamaha was secure, until they dropped him for the next season.  A rather dejected Mashburn made a "real life" move and got steady employment, leaving racing behind - when he was still quite competitive.  The dangers of motorcycle racing at that time were very real, with injuries and deaths from even the top pros of the sport. Today, Mashburn enjoys vintage rallies and banquets featuring the stars of yesterday . . . a role he fits in well.

 1972 - Mashburn gets the silver cup and the trophy girl.

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