# 94 George Roeder

George won the Springfield Mile.  George won Kansas City.  George set a Bonneville Record.  George ran his own Harley-Davidson Dealership.  George was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.  The photo above is one of my favorite motorcycle racing photos.  He's barely on the bike, on the edge of the seat, cocked sideways.  There ain't much holding him on !  The motor appears to be right at the power curve, just hooking the tread to the track.  Throttle control with the bike in a drift.  It depicts so much about racing in those glory days.  Thin leathers, thin tires, lace-up work boots, no gloves, open face helmet, thin shield, thin front end, thin frame, tiny rear fender, lightweight at all cost.  The number plates are smaller . . . everything to make the bike faster.  Nobody can beat George Roeder on this day.  Nobody.

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