Trackmaster Fiberglass Fuel Tank

I lined the old, white flake Trackmaster fiberglass race tank with Caswell sealer (as per Mike Stodolka) and it's holding up so far.  I drain the tank after 24 hours anyway (not taking any chances).  I'm testing it for leaks before I get it painted for good.  The Caswell is supposedly "fuel proof" to all the modern gasoline additives.  The tank is rubber and foam mounted, and I made a special support for the bottom to keep it from rockin' side-to-side.  Mounts with a single stud in the middle, as factory, and secured with more rubber and a nylon insert lock nut.  I've got some neato retro H-D race decals for the sides too. The Champion plug decal is NOS from the 60s. This fresh engine starts kinda hard, but when she's running . . . sounds tough.  The Delorto PHM is responsive.  I feel fortunate to get to build some of these bikes, and have fun with them, but it ain't always easy, and sometimes I get so frustrated I about quit.  Then the sun comes up and I get going - and everything is cool again. 


Milwaukee Crippler said...

Got any tips for setting up a PHM for an XLCH? Thanks!

Noot said...

45-50 (idle jet)pilot and bolt it on.