Shovelhead Exhaust Flange Repair

Carved out the huge broken crater, and destroyed threads - We had it all welded up (Thanks Dustin).  Using a fire ring gasket, and an old pipe flange - we refigured where the hole would be best, leveled it out, tilted the drill press table, and drilled and tapped for 5/16-18 USS.  I like to use a stud.  Mount the exhaust pipes with NO STRESS on the head pipes.  They almost stay on and seal with no nut, then you know there's no binding.  The pipes are clamped to the frame and brackets, and square and true (no binding) at the heads.  Only then, I tighten the head/flange fully.


lucky23design said...

Great job. I had Ryan Baisley do the exact thing on my '80 Shovel. What you guys do is an art form.

Noot said...

Thanks for the compliment, don't know if it's art, but if you want to ride the sucker - you gotta do it (or ride around with farty, leaky pipes !) Hey Lucky23, how's your ironhead coming along?