Spring Cleaning the Cabinets

I've got more stuff I save for some reason, but today I threw out a pile of Cycle News, old crap . . . but I still save all the "good" stuff - Like this photo of the Corbin Race Team with #31 Ken Coolbeth Jr. of Warren, CT and #43 Joe Kopp of Mica, WA.

He's an old photo copy of me on a Yamaha Enticer at Eagle River ready for the Junior heats.  This photo was taken by Ted Trainer, a very competitive local snowmobile racer (who should have been a professional)


-BaRoN- said...

Now that's some usefull information about the CV ! How much did you actually cut off the spring ? Any examples ?
Biggest part of Belgium is as flat as a pancake but it wouldn't hurt to have some more response.
Have fun at Mama tried and thanks for the comment.

Noot said...

Try it stock first, then 1 coil, then another. I think I cut off 2 coils for my stock '64 Sportster. My cut 3 off for his '65 panhead. Kinda square off the spring end each time. The Dyna-Jet kit for CV just has a weaker spring (and a different needle) You will notice better response on the bottom end.

-BaRoN- said...

Will do !