Clutch Arm Decisions

The first clutch arm I had was bare metal, and bent.  The square was all loose on the shaft.  Then I bought a new, chrome arm.  I didn't like it - the chrome was like "show chrome" and it looked too good.  I sent the arm (with a couple other parts) all the way to Illinois to get the chrome stripped off.  It cost me shipping there and back - and I got charged a pretty good fee just to strip all the chrome.(higher than last time) Then I had to bead blast and wash everything anyway.  Then I painted my clutch arm silver - and I still didn't like it.  Then I was told it's supposed to be BLACK !  So, I sanded off the silver and painted it black, but I used gloss black - and it was too shiny again.  Now I just got done rubbing steel wool on it - now it looks correct.  I need a serious evaluation.

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