Jay Springsteen Wins Battle of the Twins !

In the early 1980s they had this "Battle of the Twins" class at Daytona.  It was dominated by Ducati.
Harley-Davidson race team director, Dick O'Brien dug out Brelsford's old XR and freshened it up, put Springsteen on it . . . and Jay went out and won the race in 1983.  Harley first.  Then Ducati, Ducati, etc . . . Way to go Springer !  I always thought Springsteen was under-rated as a road racer.  If he could have concentrated on road racing, like he did in dirt track - the possibilities for victories with his skill as a road racer were definite.  Jay Springsteen, one of the best motorcycle racers to ever throw his leg over a race bike.  I'm glad he went with Harley.
 . . . then in 1987 - Scott Parker said, "Let me give it a try !"
Parker scored a podium finish in his very first road race in 1987.  That's him No.114 on the Harley-Davidson.  His 3rd place (behind the two Ducatis of coarse) was a very respectable finish for a first-timer.  His efforts stayed with the Grand Nationals - becoming the all time winner in the history of the sport.

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