Me and the '52K did a sunny Saturday in Des Moines.  Jeff Wright has an opportunity to ride his shovelhead around the U.K., London . . . drink a couple pints, and follow Dicey Dean through the hedgerows.  We super-tuned it and gave it a test while chasing a Ducati to Kung Fu for tacos and cold Coca Colas (served in retro 8oz. glass bottles).  As you all know, FTWCO is moving to a new shop, and will soon be cranking out more custom shirts, sweats, bikes, moto-wear . . . you know it.  Ideas just keep flowin' from these guys . . . Fast & Fun times.  Great way to spend a Saturday. 
Today's cold morning coffee run is No Problem in my FTWCO pullover (good chill-blocker weave). 

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