John Parham

John Parham (Left) and Pete Hill (thanks Bill R.) 
The guy on the right could be any one of us.  It didn't matter to John Parham, because even though he was possibly one of the largest and most influential people in the motorcycle industry, he never let that status go to his head - and he'd still take the time to talk with you about motorcycles.  John was always right out there with everyone else, riding his bike, restoring stuff, and planning ways to get the parts to the riders.  J&P Cycles and The National Motorcycle Museum were his major creations.  He had a great team of people working for him.  He led the way and let us all in to enjoy the great sport of motorcycling.  My dad remembers one of his first shops, with a small sales counter, and Triumph motorcycles and parts . . . soon to expand.  I talked to him at the museum last summer, and he still had "irons in the fire" and he was glad I came down, and was happy I was having fun and buying parts, and "tell your dad hi for me" and talking about Jeff Wiley and George, and he always had good things to say about everybody . . . and that's what made John so successful as a business man, but even more important as a good friend to anyone who got a chance to meet him.  

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Pete Hill on the right.