Nicky Hayden

Sometimes you don't really feel like saying anything, but feel like you wouldn't be doing service to their accomplishments, or to the person themselves.  I'm just one of the thousands of fans of Nicky Hayden throughout his career.  I saw him race with injuries, I saw him race when the chips were down.  I saw him win almost impossible races to win.  Then I'd root for him to win this one, and that one, and another one . . . and he'd win it.  When he didn't always win, I got a little critical because I just wanted to see him win more.  I must admit, a bit selfish for any "true" fan, but he was always one of my favorite riders, on the track - and off the track.  Nicky Hayden was an excellent representative of motorcycle racing from the United States on the world stage.  The spotlight didn't change him one bit.  He was still "The Kentucky Kid" from Owensboro, Kentucky . . . to Peoria - to Daytona - to Laguna Seca  - to Jerez - to Silverstone.  This is a real hard one, but Hayden would want everyone to keep on chargin' . . . it was a great ride.

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