TECH: The Big 7/16" Hex Wrench

If you run star hubs, mid-stars, whatever . . . get this wrench for your tool kit.


david ervin said...

The wrench is cool but that wheel is awesome. I have the standard early CH wheel that looks like yours but is reversed and uses 8 bolts not 5. I converted most of my bolts to allens (some I had to convert back when maint proved, problematic). When I put a tire on my wheel I chose (I think) a 180 or 190. It wouldn't get up into the fender and the chain ran against it. I had a machinist make a spacer to bump out the brake drum and added some washers and turned down the normal spacer, all to get my wheel in the center of the bike. It runs great. The wheel/brake drum spacer isn't so deep as to make the bolts dangerous.

Long story...too long. What I wonder is where I can get allens for my wheel/brake drum like the ones on your wheel. They don't seem to be normal bolts like I could get from Ace Hrdwr. They look like very high grade shoulder bolts.

Like I said, that wheel looks awesome. I Know, I know ,, disk brakes are better and anti-lock is the best...and maybe my drum brakes will kill me but they just look right. Now, if I could just figure how to get another actuator into the brake drum to work BOTH shoes.

Noot said...

Those bolts are standard FL (star hub type) for hub to brake drum. That's an 18" Sportster Kelsey Hays rim laced to the '68 Hub (I call it) with sealed bearings. On the back of my panhead chopper.