Competition Tires: Goodyear Grasshoppers

In the days of scrambles racing - the Goodyear Grasshopper tread design was a proven winner.  They came factory on the early XLCH models.  Restoration guys are known to fight over these.  Like any old part, once it's reproduced, the originals aren't worth quite as much, 'cause some guys don't really care.  Plus, used tires are usually hard and weather checked.
Coker Tire Company produced a reproduction version, but I'll have to see their website for details and specifications.
Schwinn offered their own version of Grasshoppers - with slicks, and front runners in green and black.  I have a set of green ones - and I've heard they're worth about $250 each, so I try to keep them out of the sun . . . I should sell them and take a trip !?!?!


Brad Cramer said...

Always take the trip!!

Chris K said...

The Coker tires are likely crap. Everyone I know who has run them had skidding/handling problems with them.

Noot said...

Hey Chris !