Ironhead Sportster Performance Tricks

Chris's stroker motor has a few upgrades . . . Like inverted screen and milled oil reservoir for faster oil return and less camshaft drag.  (NOTE: The screen was full of shavings, pieces of piston rings and some aluminum chunks)
The stock gear cover was modified to run needle bearings for less resistance.  This feature has been debated as to how much gain to expect . . . but every little bit helps.
The No. 2 cam bushing fell out on dis-assembly.  The pin was out too - yikes !  I have to fix this with a new bushing, or get the old one back with a tighter, press fit?
The original 1/4 speed pump (marked with an R for racing) now runs 1/2 speed gear breather.
This funky one-way breather valve is pretty cool.  A diaphragm type breather with custom made base - pretty trick kids !
The original builder stamped his mark in the cases. 

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