North Iowa / Southern Minnesota

My camera stopped working?  So this is the only photo that came out.  Maybe it was the "12 mile gravel road detour" I took that didn't look too bad at first - but then turned into the Mojave desert, complete with water ruts and huge rocks.  It shook me - but nothin' fell off ! 
Chopper motocross . . .
200+ miles = 60 interstate, 130 two-lanes, 12 gravel, 2 farm field fence line, 1 mile cow path and only (1)PBR.


david ervin said...

Gravel! I learned on gravel. I HATE gravel. it terrifies me.

New Hampton, Ia. Is that you on one of those bikes?

Noot said...

The photo is in a bar in Chester, Iowa (advertising New Hampton) on Hwy 63. Not me in photo, but one guy is still in town, riding the same panhead ! he blew it up in the 80s, it sat for years - then me and my dad rebuilt the motor about 3 years ago and he's riding it again. "Reed's Pan, snorts like a racehorse" He's into horses as much as Harleys.

david ervin said...

Mine doesn't snort; but it used to "poot" occasionally. Usually on a hot day, in traffic, at a red light. And then I was in for a long session of kicking. I've since learned how to get the "Y" onto the intake spigots so there aren't leaks and to check the points on BOTH lobes and she runs pretty well.

Some say it vibrates. Aliens vibrate (I learned that from episodes of "My Favorite Martian"); my bike quivers. I would cast around for an analogy for "quiver" but as my bike is a kick start I should be careful. I've never tried to kick start my probably would not go well. And she's such a lovely thing.

And that's the thing with Harleys. They wait patiently, years sometimes, and then, with a little love, they are back in the traces. Mine sat for 25 years and now she's running better than she ever did. 25 years ago no one would have wanted the old thing; but now, she's a classic. So am I now, but it's me no one wants anymore; it's the bike they admire.