Lil' Chris' Michael Lichter Entry: Sturgis 2017

The show at Buffalo Chip this year features guys that ain't been on earth as long as the rest of us. 
Young dudes building classic iron. Chris totally fab'd out his WL for the show.  He's is a skilled metal craftsman . . hand forming the tanks and sheet metal.  Building from scratch.  It's a true classic with a timeless look, and a bit of performance innovation.  Is that Posa or Lectron?  Holy shit.  Classic paint too Pirellis . . . I really dig it dude.  He studies the history and development of all things custom, and utilizes his skills to create rides worthy of any top builder. 

PS. Yes, this is the same Lil Chris who's stroker Sportster I been workin' on.  Everything he's got is kinda rad.  Can't leave nothin' stock.


david ervin said...

That is the most perfect motorcycle I've ever seen. Clean, simple and ready for anything a motorcycle needs to do. If the Fonz ever lived, that would be his ride.

Noot said...

This kid is kinda like Fonzie.