Perfect Ice Conditions

Despite a slipping clutch, I still had a blast riding last Sunday.  The extra slippage forced you to practice better throttle control, and work on corner speed.  The 19" front didn't work as good as a 21".  The bike was pushing and sliding - and I'm not using any brakes either . . . it makes it more interesting to me.  I rode for about 4 hours, 3 tanks of gas and made about 70 laps.  If a guy had this bike back in '52 . . . but 65 years later, still pretty damn fun.  Not too many K Models riding ice this year(Pretty sore on Monday) 


Bake said...

Rick, I have a 21" wheel with good tire mounted up, a set of 35mm tubes that don't have soft springs in them. Shits in Floyd if you want to update your setup

Hairytex said...

Dude that looks like so much fun,but unfortunately there's very little ice and i think only one real frozen lake in Australia.