Flathead Sportster

That's what some people call 'em . . . and it looks kinda weird when you're used to lookin' at Ironhead Sportsters.  These motors are simple to double-check your coil bind.  When the valves are 100% open, take some kind of tool and very carefully lift up the valve a bit more . . . you should be able to move it up a bit more. 
I ran the pistons up to the top and scraped off the carbon, then wire-brushed the valve heads.  I razor-bladed the ridge, ran a fine file around the gasket surface, and wiped it all down real good with contact cleaner.  I'll do the same with the heads, tape 'em off and spray the gasket surface with High Head H-D Barrel Paint - then bolt 'em on - No head gasket needed on these.  Ready for my polished heads !

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