Here I am . . .

You know where I-15 cuts that tiny northwest corner of Arizona?  It's the Virgin River valley and you race your way through these passes at 90mph alongside huge truck rigs barreling like there's no tomorrow.  I whip it over and take a driving break.
Here's a view you get at Angel's Landing going down.  You can see how far down you'd fall off to the right . . . Bottom line is . . . watch what you're doing and don't look down.  Hand over hand on the chain, don't let go.  Zion National Park.
Here's a couple weeks ago, hiking with Eric in Arizona (west of Phoenix).  This time of the year - I get burnt on this motorcycle stuff.  I like doing it - but sometimes it starts to suck.  I've got trips planned for the summer, just get away for awhile.  As you get older, you start to realize you're running out of time.  There's a lot of places I want to go, and see and do.  It's time to start doing them.  I've been a lot of places already . . . and I'm fortunate I have the spirit to venture out.  Don't wait - plan it and go.  What are we waitin' for . . . ?

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