Jarno Saarinen

Many racing experts rate Saarinen as the fastest 250cc motorcycle racer - ever.  A native of Finland, his style was smooth and calculated.  He raced in the most dangerous era of GP.  The "car circuits" were not set up to address the safety of a motorcycle racer. 

Jarno Saarinen had a total of 15 Grand Prix victories on 250cc, 350cc and 500cc machines.
He won the 1972 250cc GP Championship
He was killed at age 27 racing in Monza, Italy when Renzo Pasolini's engine seized, hitting a barrier and the motorcycle was throw back onto the race track - striking Saarinen . . . (see Wiki)

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Hailwood1965 said...

Good stuff.

Jarno traveled with his own handlebars in his luggage. Very picky about controls, body position and being smooth.

Roberts did not last long in the D200 that Jarno won, but he followed him for 7 laps or something and said he learned a lot about riding.