Old Dudes/Bad Knees = Bump Starters

There are many different versions, and many different ways to get the job done.  These examples are lightweight, easily moved and stored - and they work.  However, expensive.
This model looks good !
Back up, start the bike, ride off . . .
If you're old-school - Here's the method you like best, but it takes one guy on the bike and one guy in the car or truck.  You have to work together on this one - and a lot of shit can happen, accidents can happen . . but it gets the job done, and will start the most stubborn, flooded,
high compression and/or mis-timed machines !
 . . . now if you're way way old school and you know somebody with a salvage yard - Go get yourself a car starter/solonoid, weld a socket on your sprocket shaft, get a car battery and a kid's wagon - and you got yourself one of the best remote starting devices ever conceived !
 . . . and the grips off your Bridgestone.
If you're strong . . . ?  This might just work?


Surly said...

Thought about making one years ago and I have some old pictures. I can send them if you like to see some other examples. Maybe 4-5 pics.

Mct496 said...

Safer than holding on to a cars door handle at 50mph