1946WL Engine

Above:  I refer to this SHOP DOPE update when fitting lower end rollers on big twins and 45s.
This motor was supplied with the wrong cages.  I had the correct steel cages as per the information supplied, so I'll update accordingly.  I have a good stash of NOS Sonnax rollers, and the perfect +.0002 set for his pinion race.  All good, but tedious work.
Above: I try different flywheel thrust washers to achieve correct endplay.  This is done by bolting the cases together multiple times, and re-checking the end play.  The oil pump drive gear, breather gear and pinion gear have all been fitted and worked for a nice, slip fit as required.  Flywheels are all trued, so don't be knockin' 'em around - More tedious work !
Above:  I have space on this heavy steel bench to bolt(and clamp) flathead cylinders for cutting valve seals and lapping.  These reproduction cylinder kits always need honed, and seat work done to be right.  No exceptions here.  Not bolt on by any means . . . More tedious work...... 

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