Sprocket Shaft Seal Update

On a WL (45") Model: I use the standard seal kit available from Colony Machine.  This kit will eliminate the "reverse oil screw-type" insert.  The new-style double lip seal is the same seal for a 4-speed main drive gear.  You can replace the seal if needed (usually get it worked out) without taking the cases apart. 

On a WR (45") Model: I use the big twin seal kit available from Colony Machine(since a WR sprocket shaft is larger).  I press the seal into the left-side sprocket shaft spacer after it's modified to fit this seal . . . (since a WR does not have a left-side sprocket shaft race. (they run a ball bearing). 


Richard Ostrander said...

Thanks for the educational information. It's the small things that matter. Saving history is more satisfying than just the financial reward. Though that doesn't hurt even though it's hard to charge for all the hours it takes to do it right. Keep up the great work all us fellow gear heads love it.

Noot said...

Everything what you just said is about right, that's for sure.