Hydraglide with sidecar

I saw a lot of neat sidecar rigs this year. More than normal. It's nice to see folks restoring and running these . . . this one is especially nice - from Iowa too !

Still the champion . . .

Morty "the official shop cat" is known by all my friends from here to Vegas. He "guards" the property about as good as a cat can do. I've had a lot of cats - and Morty is the coolest. He's also a hell-of-a-fighter. Pound for pound - a Mayweather or maybe a Pac-Man. All the local cats know this too. They've tangled with the Mort - and have the scars to prove it. Well, this big cat (the biggest in the neighborhood) has been "testing" Morty's territory lately. I come back from work yesterday - and Morty has him cornered under my front steps. This orange/white cat is easily twice the size of Morty. Suddenly, Morty dives under the steps - and drags this cat from under - out into the snow - He's chewing the cat's head - dragging it, kicking - the other cat is cryin' and pissin' all over the place. He tries to run and Morty recaptures - biting, clawing and kicking . . . it was ugly. Morty chased the cat, all the way down the street all while re-tackling and more clawing and biting. This other cat tried jumping in a pine bush - Morty went in after him. When it all was over, the Mort now has a scratch on his nose. Always does. Morty is still the champ - he keeps his belt another week.

My first job . . .

If I wanted to buy this 1970 Camaro . . . my ol' man said I have to get a job. So, I did. In a local autobody shop.
I cleaned the paint booth filters, swept the floor, mowed the lawn AND . . . if I was lucky - I got to sand a little on this custom van they were painting. The year was 1981 - and this is the van - I about freaked out when I found it on the internet the other day. The front was almost totally "pink" with bondo. But, when it left the shop - it was the raddest thing to hit the streets. Paint by Walsh Enterprises: Dave(Scheib), Peck, Finch, Carr . . . and Lil' Noot helped too.

Thanks Jeff & Fatty

I needed new stickies for my bike, tool box, guitar, the Dodge, the van, garage window, Morty . . .


When you can't ride your bike for a beer - take your sled.

Doc Dytch, Payne, Fringer & Riley

Heros. Trailblazers of Harley-Davidson performance. Whatever you want to call it - These men helped set the records and set the standards of speed in the late 60s and early 70s. Most of this happened in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa . . . the midwest. Where Winter brings out creativity. You can't ride - so work on it.

The Best Superglide

A customer would bring in his bone stock '72. I always liked it. The customer became addicted to a certain white powdery substance. The bike went away. I wonder where it is - Is it still stock? The one that got away. . .

Need to Know

Pushrod adjustments for hydraulic lifters: Number of wrench flats to turn down once there is no up-and-down (valves fully closed - piston at TDC). Also number of threads-per-inch for popular pushrod versions.

Nice to Know

Print for future reference.

Velocity Stack

These things work. The problem is - until you get it running - you don't have much velocity. You can use the accelerator pump - however, with a 1 1/2" carb spacer (so the carb clears the magneto) it's a long road for the fuel to get to the cylinders. I use a tennis ball in the stack so I can prime it for starting - then hit the enrichener - and she'll pop. Sometimes it's a bitch to get going. I have to run with it - or park on a hill. But, once she's goin' - it's all worth it. You get the glory. Just don't suck up a big rock !

Ed Roth & Revell

I have some Revell models of Big Daddy's show cars. Should I glue 'em together? - Or leave 'em in the boxes? Seems a shame to let them sit. I see there's an article "Growing Up Roth" or something like that in the new Garage Magazine. Written by Darrel Roth(one of the living sons). I got to hang with Dennis Roth for a few days a couple years back when Spina was workin' on the Maxterion. Crazy dude he is . . Go to www.rothoriginals.com for cool shirts & stuff . . .

The "New" Frontier Hotel & Casino

I miss the Frontier.

Beer Caps

The "multiple use" peanut tank. Always a favorite !

Bare Metal

Go Ped?

One of the first . . If not THE first one ?

Ironhead Project: Wheel Building

Me & Big Noot have been working on lacing wheels while it's snowin' & blowin' outside. If you've ever tried to spoke up big flange hub - they suck. It's takes a lil' skill. Plus, try and do it without scratching everything all to shit. You need old hand grips, tiny pieces of hose, shop towels and a peanut can - trust me. (and Peppermint Schnapps)

The calm before the storm . . .

Uncle Bob

I just got to get out to Vegas and see Bob. I've got so many deadlines, responsibilities and commitments - is it all worth it? When will it end? We all need some free time - take it when you can!

On through the Night

Hello America . . . it's all good. I liked 'em better in the early days before the craze. High 'N Dry is my favorite album.

Team Kawasaki

I see Cycle News said that former Harley-Davidson rider Springsteen and tuner Werner are teamin' up to run the Kawasaki bikes that Bill has been working with the last few seasons. Springer will be the test rider and feedback.
Should be a great team. Too bad it ain't a HD - but, these guys know how to make anything work. Look out.

Harley School

Big Noot is on the lower - second from the left.

Watch your woodburner . . .

Down the street from my house a guy's woodburner got out-of-hand last night . . .
better watch those if you have one in your shop.

From this to this . . .

This dude came to me - down & out. His poor Harley was down and broken.
Get me the parts - I think I can fix it - My dad is a TV repairman . . . he's got this awesome set o' tools.

Mystery Photo

How did this get on my camera?

Camel Pro Series

Scott Parker tucked in . . . squeezing every mph out of each straight. Back in the day when Camel pumped thousands of dollars into the GNC Series. Nowadays, Jared Mees wins the #1 Plate - and guess what? Harley drops him from the program. WTF? Hope he wins it again next year. Is Harley finally going down with the rest of them?

Jeff - 17x

"Bake" gave my dad some photos from his dirt trackin' campaign of 2009. He uses some of Big Noot's equipment to help in his race team efforts. He always has a story to tell - or the latest gossip from the racing world. Jeff builds his own equipment - which is always top notch - and races it. There's something to be said for that alone. A big highlight of his season was winning his class at the AMCA Davenport Vintage Event over Labor Day weekend. Hey, they even let him keep the checkered flag !

Mac's Garage

I like stopping by a certain garage in town since there's usually some kind of building or machining going on . . . pretty much all the time. The chopped, big block Model A sedan, the "wall-of intakes", the big slots above the cabinets, it's all part of the scene. "Mac" has built a bunch o' stuff over the years. The latest (in process) is this Flathead Ford engine for the T Project. (cold beer in the fridge too !)


Ironhead Sportster Project

My creativity "bug" has now bitten me - and I'm in full gear on the iron Sporty project. I pinstriped the newly powdercoated rims (16" rear/19" front) and I'm working on the heads, tranny, frame, tank . . . just trying to get something together that looks cool. Important decisions must be made in the early stages. The bike is a '78 - One of those truly "bastard stepchild" years for Sporties. I'm not buying any parts I don't already have - use what you got. Run what ya brung !

Morty "The Official Shop Cat"

It's my fucking blog and if I want to put Morty on it then I will.
Heck, Morty gets me in way less trouble than most of my friends . . .
and he covers up his shit.