Dreamin' of Jeannie

"The day momma socked it to the Harper Valley PTA . . . one of her hits.  She's was a hottie !


Flaky top, scallops, steels, whites, hot rod black, Mexican blanket - just may have to make this a car site? NOT !  My heart is still in it with old Harley's and 2 wheelers . . . but, rods are cool.

VLV 14 cont . . .

 . . . pretty sure those gals might be sisters ?!?

Holy Juice Brake

I like the way he had this hydraulic brake set-up on the rigid.  Smooth little anchor tab was welded on.  Holes and slots . . . and have you ever seen a chain with bar & shields on the side plates?

"Super" Paint

This chop was lined up at the DICE Magazine Booth in Vegas.  Somebody did some cool paint with a bit of leaf and a brush . . .

Biker Art

Doug Dorr

This paint gun and plaque was in Spina's office - presented to him from Doug Dorr (Kool Tool Artist and Painter)


Loud . . . Fast . . . Bar to Bar . . . those are the rules.

Billy Hofmeister

I've known who Bill("Billy") was for years.  Watched him race dirt track at many many local events.  Pretty damn good rider.  His ol' man ran Faribault HD for 3 decades and was an accomplished racer himself.  He helps design and sell these trick street-track-dirt-race-frames for Sporties, Buells, whatever.  They are pretty damn cool.  Not cheap - but, worth the price.  He'll let you test one for yourself.  Check 'em out at the site of grandnationalreplica.com . . .

'41 FL bottom end

JIMS makes nice sprocket shafts.  Always measure them (they can be undersized)  If the screw for the crank pin lock is wiggly or loose, I don't use the lock.  S&S doesn't use them.  You don't want the lock to come loose and fly around in there.  Use locktite and proper torque on the nut and you'll be ok for street engines.

Just a little . . .

Threw some simple stripin' on Kelly's pan parts . . . jazz it up a bit.  Nuthin' 2 funky.  Jus a wee bit 'o One Shot.  Git it on my clothes, my nails . . . my ear? 
I git it all over.  More on me . . . I look like Roth.

Early case ?

Late model pump ?  Use this handy jig from S&S to drill your hole.

Hungry for turkey ?

I just can't get my mind off Miss Turkey.  She is just the sweetest . . . 
and I'll bet she has a cool accent.

Tickets: Part 3

I'd better hurry up and use this . . .

Tickets: Part 2

This guy can recharge your magneto . . .

Tickets: Part 1

This ticket is becoming worth less and less everytime gas goes up . . .

Totally Righteous Dude

Carl is alright by me.  He sure helped me out of a jam, sent me a spring and a plug & gave me some great technical advice.  If you need anything for your early 61" or 74" restoration - get with these guys.  They've done their homework. 

Grand Theft Auto

The last couple weeks (yes, weeks) this 'vette has been sitting at a local grease monkey auto shop outside.  I'm thinking car trailer, 4:15am, log chain, drag it through some guy's front yard, get it to California, strip it, sell it, pawn it . . . go to jail?


Rode the '61 to work today . . .

Print & Save

Coming up - RAIN or SHINE . . . (It will be Shine !)

Damn, this sucks . . .

I found this in a shirt pocket - Sorry Jeff, I forgot to turn this in -
Is it too late?


Support your local Race Track and Concert Venues.  
Get your tickets - it's Spring - act like it !


Rode the WLA to work today . . !

Tiffani thinking . . .

. . . about riding her ironhead Sporty.  She's so damn cool !
I need to get the Fastlane series on DVD.

Out with steel . . .

 . . . in with aluminum.  Hux's rat ironhead gets a bit less ratty !

Good Stuff

Cheryl makes the best homemade pizza - with crust from scratch.

Jumpin' Out

Hux's Sporty is jumpin' outta high.  We gotta keep 'em high.  High is good.  Maybe we fix it?  Why you say?
I like Hux. 

Bits & Pieces

Mismatched cases, mismatched flywheels, different years, different tapers, different ways of doing things . . . all adds up.  Hope it runs someday?  Still is progress.  Still staring. Still dreaming.