Dirt Track

The season is coming . . .

Vanity Plates


Hope Mike Kidd can help save the Grand National Dirt Track Series . . ?
Do yourself a favor and go see a couple races this year - you'll be glad you did.

My 1st Harley

Back in 1989 when I was fresh out of college, partyin' all the time - rough shape I was. My dad ran a HD custom shop and this '79 came in, wrecked with a busted case. He said if I'd quit spending my money on all this party crap - I could get a bike. He was right. So I bought it for $600 and we took a newer '82 case half (with Hitachi starter) and mated it to the older '79 case half. I painted and polished everything, 2 into 1 header, Mikuni smooth bore, Superglide tank, Pirelli's - she was kinda quick. A former owner gave me a photo of it the other day. (I never really had a good one) When I rode it down the street for the 1st time - you never forgot the pride you feel when you did it yourself.

1975 Indy Mile

The autograph is from my 1976 Indy Mile Program. The programs had the pics from the previous year. ('75) It's all history now . . .

Holy Day

Today is Sunday - and what I really need to do is put down the drill and bevel tool for awhile before everything looks like swiss cheese. I just love drilling holes !

to the body shop . . .

Finally got the "ok" to bring my chevy in to get the side-swipe fixed on the driver's side. The door is creased a little . . . it makes my stomach hurt thinkin' about it. I can only look at this side. Of coarse, my body man looks at it and says - "No problem, we'll get it fixed - just be calm - everything will be alright." Whew. I feel better now.


I like the nuns, the clutch tool, the 4 speed . . .
But, what's with the 28+ tooth sprocket?????

Garage Co.

I'd look good on this . . . !

GT stands for:

Good Times or Gran Turismo, Gary Turner, Get There . . . .


I know - many of you wouldn't give .02 for this shit. But, I need it for a project - not really of my choosing. The oil bag is cherry (not a dent) - Dry plates? Hey, I got 4 bikes that use 'em. Tranny gears & shafts are all HD and perfect. The best deal was the Fubar pipes. They sound like crap, but look cool . . . and these don't have the ugly channels & t-nuts. How about the flawless Guide headlight?!?!? Next stop - the AMCA Meet in Fremont, NE - Support your local swap meets !

Andersons & Avons

Things that start with the letter "A" . . .

Spina's Alphabet

I had to letter a barstool racer yesterday. I was stumped for a simple lettering style - but, never fear - I busted out my handy lettering guide Bob Spina made for me. I didn't have my camera, but you've got to believe me - The "Brigg's Bar Hopp'r" with the "Big 5 Horser " turned out way way cool.
I tossed in an old Spina photo from back in the day for your viewing pleasure . . .

Bling's Cycles

Bill Dodge draws a diverse crowd . . . and bitchin' chops.

Biker Art

Who's the artist?

More snow for Iowa

I rode my sled to work today . . . how many can say that?

Morty (the official shop cat) is mad . . .

He's got an opossum livin' under the shed
and he wants' him out o' there . .

A hard days ride . . .

Year 2001. Rode through So. Dakota on Hwy 44 when they had just seal-coated it with some kind of oil. Then it rained. What a mess.

This weekend


Jeff Decker don't have this photo . . . know why? 'Cause I took it.
Sorry I cut your head off a little. He was just dryin' off after a down pour. This motorcycle is probably one of the most famous Crockers in the world. Nice guy.


Those dudes from Brat in Japan can really build a cool lil' bike. They really dig Yammy XTs and SRs . . . and it gives you an idea of what can be done with singles. If you don't have the cash for a Harley (or a Crocker) - don't worry. Go Brat-Style. Hey, they ain't slow either. We rode them on the ice here in Iowa for years. A 500cc single with high comp piston, big valves, cam, flat slide and pipe can "get it on" if you know what I mean? You ever seen 'em on the dirt? They're fast !

Inntown II

Way cool bar in Cologne, Minnesota. Stopped by last Saturday. Ice cold PBR in bottles was fresh. Pool, darts, roulette wheel . . . nice place. Hey, the Ghost Rider painting on the building made it worthwhile for a stop. Don't know where Inntown #1 is . . .? This 'burg has a neat little lake in the center of town that the highway goes around. We'll be back in the summer.


When you work a full time job, then get off work to either shovel snow, feed the cat, do some laundry, etc . . then work on bikes ! It's a wonder a guy can get anything done? Anyway - cylinders are on for good. Pinstriped the frame a little. Mounted the rear tire (with tire irons). It sure is nice to have a heated place to work.


I got this thing for sleds again - since I raced one like this . . . now I need another one for some reason. Trying to relive your youth can get expensive !


Neat way to display a scoot in your shop . . .