Here's my balance sheet from Lakeshore when they did my '65 XLCH
4 5/8" flywheels.

One of a Kind

Got word that a local (and nationally known) poet, hobo, story teller, writer, motorcycle enthusiast and scholar has passed.  If you're from these parts - you're sure to know of "Blackie" or Iowa King Blackie (as he is known by his hobo comrades).  A face of NE Iowa. He was usually the first one out (on his 883 XLH) and one of the last to put it away for the season.  He slept outside more times than we've slept inside . . . was a very articulate poet and writer, and a pretty damn good motorcycle rider.  His bike was always dirty, well ridden.  Blackie himself, rough around the edges . . . with a memory like an elephant.  I never really knew him to have a job, but he knew how to live that way.  Anyone else would have starved.  We both liked Sportsters, so we always had something to talk about.  A real cool dude - and we'll all really miss him.(already)  One of those characters you don't appreciate 'til they're gone. Blackie did it his way - and there's something to be said for doing that !
RIP - Godspeed Iowa King Blackie

Linkert Performance

Big Noot came up with this innovative intake air-deflector deal a few years back.  Instead of the air/fuel mixture running into a wall at the end of the intake . . . this will help smooth and increase air flow to the valves.  We then tapped and threaded it, sealed it with high temp and bolted it in.  It works in the fact that the bike had more bottom end, off throttle especially.

Steve? Is that you?

This is neato photo whoever took it . . ?

Youth is King

Dave Bell of Minneapolis

Custom painter, pinstriper, artist from way back . . .

Evel says . . . "

. . . now don't you ever forget me."  We never will Evel.

Spun (not static)

'66 FLH - Dynamically Balanced the complete rotating assembly at 52%


City Park - Sturgis, SD


The drag bike that made Spencer, Iowa famous !
One Evo is never enough . . .

Nancy Sinatra

Wow, she was hot !

Cool dude . . . & his lady

This group looks like they'd be fun to hang out with . . .

Gary Littlejohn

Sissy Bar

This whole bike is so cool . . .

Hamming Art

It's all True . . .

First, scotchbrite your tapers and check your centers,
Remember those words from your mentor . . .
Install your shafts and torque to specs,
He taught you well - you know your tech . . .
Check the pin, the key is new,
Oil your rollers - don't want them blue . . .
A coffee can will help you out,
Line up your wheels 'til there is no doubt . . .
In the stand - Ready to true,
You know this deal - It's up to you . . .
When you've squeezed and tapped,
And did your best . . .
You'll be rewarded - With the smoothest Panhead yet !

Lucas Lamp is alright by me . . .

Anyone see that "69" tail-light on ebay selling for $800 bucks
and still going?
What the heck is up with people????????
They must really want that sumbitch  . . .

Cook's Corner

I've never been here before - but, it's one of many destinations I have to see someday.  Like everything, I'm sure it's not as big-o-deal as it was back in the "day."  I guess it's near an old mining town - and I'm sure there's plenty of curves to get there.  It's every rider's dream to ride to California and spend some time . . .

Love Lost

He looks very nervous about this . . .
She feels the relationship is nearing the end . . .
and just isn't into him anymore.
The motorcycle will be tied up in litigation.

Sandy Kosman

Dragbike and racing machinist technical wizard.

Des Moines Bike Show

I didn't care about the rest of the bike . . .


15" or 18"

I'm trying to build a little rigid pan chop.  Didn't want to go with a regular 16" . . . Hmmmmm?

Get your swag . . .

Thanks Jeff & Fatty . . . I somehow found my way back (I've got a story to tell now)

Gene Romero


Get yer motor runnin' . . .

. . . and get on over to Des Moines for the Capital City Swap Meet and Bike Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  Say 'hey" to Bromie, DA, Cyn, Famous Dave, Gouge, Jeff, Fatty, Sully . . . grab a couple tacos and hit the freeway - driving down the road checking out all the cool crap you just bought that you don't really need . . . Fun Times !

Traci Lords

I always thought she was cool . . .


Paint by Horst.  Check that velocity stack . . . looks like it ain't all the way screwed on . . . hmmm?  Show bike - go figure . . .

Honda Elsinore

SBF of Minneapolis

When there's will . .  there is a way.

Vintage Engines

. . . from the AMCA Show in Lawrence, Kansas last Sunday.
The Yamaha twin above is Tony's Street Tracker built at Anchor Motorsickle.  It's a trick lookin' race bike with mags and dual mikuni carbs, custom paint - and a hand-made seat (they make these custom tuck-n-roll seats) and they're kinda like a signature item of the shop.

Anchored in KC

Since I met Ricky at Dice(Church) and we did some dealin' & tradin' . . . I just had to check out his scene at Anchor Motorsickles he shares with partner Tony.  Totally bad fucking ass chops that are functional (but not too functional) if you can dig it . . . Kick ass rides Ricky !  Great hanging with you and Tony - see ya soon. ( is that what I really look like ? )

Is this Crazy Frank?

It looks like one of his fenders.  However, I don't know what he looks like.  Is he still around?  There's quite a buzz going on for one of these fenders . . . and they are kinda neat on a swing arm bike.

Spina Shirts

. . .  search the net for purchase ( they're hard to find and hard to get for a reason . . . so you don't end up lookin' like some other guy with the same threads . . . you dig? )