Grab your stick shifters . . .

We need a trophy girl for our generation.  
Where's our Linda Vaughn or Jungle Pam? 

Pull the Trigger

Let the clutch fly . . . Get it On . . . Get Down . . . I don't know if a knuckle ever went faster in the 1320 than this one . . ?  Pete Hill.

Spencer's Finest

I'll see him in a few weeks . . .

Major Taper - Bottom to Top . . .

About .007 taper on these '39 EL 4 fins . . . rare cylinders with a poor bore job.  My dad's a TV repairman with an awesome set of tools -
I think I can fix it ? !

C&J Frames

Is this the same C&J that now builds those "down under" XR750 dirt track frames?  Those frames were the hot-set-up a few years back - and many are still run today.  Camlin won those back to back nationals with a C&J frame.

Show & Go

Terry Vance

Motorcycle drag racing legend and performance parts innovator.  Rider of the fastest Pro Stock Suzukis on the planet.  Multi-time record holder. 

Ironheads Forever & Ever

H Model Nacelle
Custom Fender & Mags
Chromed Hurst Airheart
Drag Bars, Cow Bell . . . need more cowbell !

Extreme Living


It appears he's snuggin' up this ironhead's tranny door bolts . . .

Line Art


Can I get in trouble for having this?  I saw it at a car swap meet.  It was pretty beat up.  He had all types of other car club plaques, but, this one is the only club I actually know someone from.  So, I bought it - took it home, smoothed it up a bit - and painted it up real nice.  Heavy cast aluminum - I might polish it????

Roth & Spina

Wisconsin Norton

Anybody know who's motorcycle this is . .  ?

Morty "the Official Shop Cat" says . . .

" This zero degrees out here is total bullshit . . . now let me inside or 
I'm calling Irish Rich and moving to Colorado . . . 
his shop is heated ! "

That's one fast Cat . . .

PJ won the Eagle River World's Championship Snowmobile Derby again . . . 
He's the first 4 time champion.

No band of gypsies . . . just one.

Went for a sled ride Sat. on the Cat . . . stopped at Kwik Star for a coffee.  I got to talkin' with a biker kinda dude about sleds, trails, Harleys, choppers, riding, Sturgis, partys . . . said he really liked Iowa - was out here visiting.  He's got a '50 pan(ain't run in years) and an Evo.  He was polite, well groomed and intelligent.  I bid farewell - off he went with Washington plates, and a round sticker that exclaimed you to Support Gypsy Jokers.  Don't know if he was a club member or not - but, it appears he was.

Vinyl Jam Session

I got all buzzed up and cranked up the Kenwood/Bose and broke into my vinyl collection of Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, CCR, Godz, Def, Kiss, Stones, Zep, Jim Carroll, Nuge, Zappa . . . did a little DJ action.  Found my red vinyl (and white vinyl) Beatles.  Bought these years ago at a St. Vincent DePaul in Cedar Falls.  Diggin' through a box - and hey - these are red !  These are white !  WTF????  25 cents?  Well, ok.

Ana Popovic

This gal is from Serbia or Russia?  Somewhere overthere . . . she can really rip it up.  Saw her in Vegas one year and she blew people away . . . rippin' biker blues !  Cute too !

Winter blahs . . .

I got my sled out today - plan on riding tonite too . . . 
We got more snow up here - still snowing !
but, I'd rather ride my Sporty.

Blue Moon Kustoms

I met this guy at Lords of Loud . . . he does some cool paint. 
Very neat - precise - attention to details.  
It makes a difference.  See  Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  
Always share your cheese !

Giff's - Valley Junction

Big ass damn fish sandwich . . .
( but,  only go there if Kung Fu is closed )

She can ride a bike - period.

A super cool gal too . . . see ya soon - Ride Hard, Ride Safe !
(from a family of fine riders, out Colorado way . . .)

Secrets Lost ?

Where did it come from . . . ?
"Pinstriped Monster"
"The Demon"
"The Falcon"  "The Hawk"
"The Being in There"
"The Pharoah"
"The All Knowing & All Watching"
Who's idea was it?  Who brought it to our century?  Our time?
Dutch? Big Daddy?  I know Uncle Bob keeps it alive.  You dig?  
It shows up - now and then - when you least expect it - BAM !  
In the pin-striping culture, we may never know what it all means.
The secrets may still lie in Mesopotamia . . .
(original paint and pinstriping design by: Bob Spina - Las Vegas)

Sporty Garage

diggin' it . . . Japan
But, hey guys, git 'em off the truck quick . . .

Tools of the Trade

They just don't make stuff like they used to . . . old tools are cool !

Respect "Happy" & Uncle Bob

I like him best as Jimmy Carbone in Ol' Skool Rodz . . .
(the best column in all the newstand)
Spina give him a stripin' lesson !

KC Long Bike

Hand built via owner/operator.  
Another innovative creation from the mind of Ricky.
Wonder what that pipe sounds like???