A Resurrection Erection !

Benassi's '49 FL bottom end has been completed.
It just makes a guy happy - don't it ?????

Bored the '54 Cases

Cylinders fit now . . .

Someone said . . .

"Hey, there's a nice, Fat Squirrel outside in the snow !"


Last night's fog on the trees . . .

Crane, Dyna, Spike don't . . .

. . . always get you home either.
But, all you really need is a points file 
(and a spare condenser in your pocket)
Nothing like a good set o' Delco Points !

Chrome don't . . .

. . . get you home."

Open up your slot . . .

Make it match a late-model breather . . .

When cylinders don't fit . . .

Non-matching case halves usually don't line up too bad.  However, the deck surface, dowl pins, and cylinders will not always fit correctly.  I will have to "open up" the bores on this set - since they aren't perfect.  Using our trusty bore plate manufactured by S&S Cycle !

Spina & Spade Bros.

Huntington Beach, California


My friend Brent when he played with "Litterer" a hard rockin' band from the late 70s and 80s that ripped up the Midwest ballroom rock scene.  He's still jammin' with a local house band. (Check those pants and that Steve Vai Ibanez . . . )

1965 FLH

Electra Glide

Ready for installation . . . at .0004

Replacement rods (note the round holes for oiling the wrist pin) Originals have slots.  Just need to get the locks on (S&S says, "don't use them") Just more stuff to fall off and go through the motor.  If the pin and nut is installed correctly, and torqued correctly - it shouldn't be a problem.  Make sure the screw is clean and use lock-tite on that too.  Drag racers weld the nut !

She's tight . . .

Bob Dron again . . .

Z1 powered - radical Wonder if he still has it?

Pan Chop

Wide glide, wheel disc, up sweeps, early gear cover, Barnett levers . . . What's that air cleaner called ?

1973 Dobi Capri

I saw this car for sale on a trailer in 1983.  It had the 2600 V6 with high comp pistons, solid lifter cam, ported, special headers, Dobi parts everywhere, and a white dot racing number painted on the hood and sides. It had run at Sebring.  My friend painted it a cool misty green imron . . . and I raised hell in this race car (now on the street).  It was surprisingly fast, had good top speed and could handle any corner.  It went from Cedar Falls to CC(on the old hwy) probably the fastest any vehicle ever did it . . . sold this to a preacher's kid too.  (and my Mongoose).  It's probably in a boneyard somewhere.  I miss it.

Glyptal Buzz

Fumes in the shop and in my brain . . . gotta build some motors. 
A '54 FL and a '63 CH . . . starting from scratch again.  I always wanted a panhead chop - and a guy can't have too many ironheads !

Rock Star Photo

Spina and Rikki Rockett with his custom Thruxton TT Special . . .

Noot's 1997

Dad's old shop on Lane Street
I don't think the '64 had really been anywhere yet . . .

SB&F of Minneapolis

Minnesota Royalty

From the top:  Bill Mesenbrink, Happy Smith (Smith Bros. & Fetrow) and Dave Linder.  All it takes is one good custom shop in an area . . . and many good things come from it.  It's never been about where you're at - it's the work you can do. (Wonder if any of these are still into it . . ?)

'Vette FOR SALE (Update: SOLD IT)

1978 25th Anniversary Corvette.  Excellent condition.
Low actual miles.  
New stainless mufflers !
This car has been in-the-family for years.
Serviced and ready to go !
Drives nice - runs great - Fly in and drive it home


Honda 500XL

Wiseco, Cam, Jemco Pipe, Mikuni Flat, Race Porting . . . a just plain bad ass lil' bike.  At Sturgis one year I was getting on the freeway to go from Exit 32 to the next one.  Some guy on the "Barnett" FXR was behind me and we started screwin' em on . . . we were neck and neck all the way.  I think he was a bit pissed off about the "race" . . . street racing is never fair.

Touring Ironheads



Barris gave me a wave . . . "Back to the 50s" Minnesota

Good Ass Shot

from the: Land of Lincoln

Dual DCs

at Davenport a few back . . .


I'm sure at this moment he ain't thinkin' 'bout dirt
it's all about deer huntin' this time o' year !

Don't Forget . . .

. . . the kids . . . . X-Mas is a huge deal for them.

A Hot Set-Up

Photo by Danny Lyon

I've always been into vintage stock car racing . . . 
and this is the way many cars got to the track.

I'm confused . . .

I'm just going to stare at this thing and do nothing . . .
Fat tires are out (we know that)
Metalflake is out now (we know that too)
Now, period correct is out . . . (shit, I was too late)
I just don't know what to do????  
How about Honda 550s?  YES
Sportbikes? YES
Dirt Track?  Ice?  YES YES
Randy Moore? YES
Hot Deer Sticks? YES
Templeton Rye? YES
All is not lost . . . keep your head held high !

Grimeca on Kayaba

Much cleaner than the ugly stock, square, rattling, floating Harley caliper thing . . .

World Champions

Motel Parking Outside

Don't need it in there - it never breaks . . .
Nobody wants to steal an old Sporty . . . 
I need some private time . . . 
Rain will wash off the bugs . . .
It's booby trapped anyway . . .