False Advertising . . .

This is what they call H-D Wiring Charts?  Impossible to find . . . ?  Not what I expected.  Kinda funny . . .

17/32, 19/32, 21/32 and 23/32

I just picked up an old socket set - and there are these weird sizes included.  Upon further research, I found that these sizes were used in the earlier automotive and manufacturing industries.  Early GM manifold bolts are 19/32" for proper fit.  Model A Fords used a 21/32" for various rear differential components.  These are common sizes for early auto restorations - possibly even motorcycle related components? Upon further inspection they are quite similar to 1920s Snap-On sockets with the knurling around the socket and no logo.
Now I just need the 5 Window to go with 'em . . .

Tom Hanks - circa 1974

VL frame with a shovelhead.  This guy may have done it first.  Tom looks like a cool dude to hang out with.  This was (still would be) a radical custom.  All kinds of neato parts on this one - nice molding.
Let's see . . . that was 38 years ago - he'd be in his 60s now.  Hope he's still doin' it . . . ?

Cooney, Ness & Smith . . . Sturgis 1977

This is when people really first started seeing these 'bay area' style Sportsters.  Those long, low bikes with stretched necks, so so thin.  The crowds gathered around.  These men started something that goes on to this very day.  If done tastefully and correctly - nothing takes your eyes away like a cool digger.

Ray Ruiz - Apache Junction

I'm not the only one who knows this place is cool . . . I like to stop on my way to Tortilla Flats and have a cold one on the sofa - and talk to the cats.  Johnny Gold will tell you all about mining - the same stories over and over , , , "hey, I already heard that one - tell me a different story."  Good to see Jeremiah stops to say hello too . . .

Poor Man's Rocker Clutch Stop

1. Find out the range of motion for your foot rocker
2. Scribe through the top, open hole in the outside of the clutch pedal
onto the friction plate surface.
3. Mill a slot
4. Make a pin and weld it in the hole
5. Cut off the front foot pedal and move it up
6. Cut off the access - smooth out the bottom of pedal
7. Make a steel plate and reinforce backside of 
foot peg mount . . . makes it more rigid for fat dudes.
8. Make sure your welder is workin' prior to work
9. Rich has been doin' this for years most likely and
this is nothing new - but, I just figured it out.

She's tight . . .

Everything is so tight and close on these panheads.  I always thought I was just a bad welder (until we got the wire adjusted), now I'm welding like, well . . . let's just say "much better."  JB and Sergio are coming tonite for a lap job on a case race . . . whoopppeee - I like visitors every now and then.  I'd better get some water, pop and maybe some cold Miller High Life bottles to celebrate (after the work is done). 

Car Craft National - St. Paul, MN

I might have my "burn-out" about over and be ready to get back to some 2 wheel action . . . It's been a hell-of-a-slump.  The Black Hills Rally is comin' up - so, that usually breaks it up.  Davenport Vintage, then the Springfield Mile can cure anything . . .

Bearded Lady deal . . .

When I was 13 . . . this sports shop in town started selling these "high end" Fuji bicycles.  All the hot older chics rode them.  You know their folks had money if they had one.  I saw this one at Bearded Lady . . . I looked around, but couldn't find the hot one.  She's probably old and fat now - didn't recognize her?

As for the show - it's like such a mix of motorcycles, mopeds, choppers . . . and personalities.  It was sorta weird.  I just didn't catch a good vibe.  Lotta standin' around.  Greasers, Yuppies and Artsy Farts.  Didn't really gel that great . . . I did really like that Norton !

Redneck fun . . .

I'm suffering from motorcycle burnout.  A severe case.  Let's just go sit in the stands with all the farmers and common folks, crack a cold Bud ($2/can) and get some fair food.  Rode the "Paratrooper" at the midway and about got sick (don't like heights very much) . . . Heck of a turn-out of diesel and alcohol fueled competition.

Just add sawdust . . .

On the Andy Griffith show, Barney's new car shifted really good with some sawdust . . . hmmmmm?  Always wanted to try it - just not on my own stuff.  Maybe some other time . . .

Hummers & Scats

 . . . have cool handlebars, front ends, paint jobs, gauges, etc.  
They are the ultimate in lightweights (Ducatis too)

Rudy Pena

A very reputable parts engraver . . . Rudy is in about all my 70's magazines.  He did all the art on the post (below).  I guess he's in the Castro Valley area and still working his magic . . .

Lost Art

Gold, Chrome & Velvet . . .

Nuggets M/C at Furnace Creek

Check this out . . . . found this cool article in Street Chopper 1978.  The Nuggets (originally based in Cali) had (sorta still have) a chapter in Iowa.  Back in the day, quite an event was held each year at Furnace Creek.  Noot worked on many of the Nuggets motorcycles back-in-the-days.  Many of the original members of the Iowa chapter still live in the area.  Now icons of an era.  Critter was a good friend and a Nugget - now gone to the great highway in the sky - miss him and always remember the men who influenced you to be a better person - see the world and have some fun.  
Nuggets M/C Gold & Black www.nuggetsmc.net

Morty says . . .

. . .  that solvent and glyptal stinks.  I got this 4 speed all solvent washed, blow dried, bead blasted, blown off, solvent washed again, blow dried, washed in hot soapy water, rinsed in hot clean water, blow dried and a bit of WD-40 on the race.  Then I cut down a thread insert, fitted and loc-tite'd in the case.  Loc-Tite in stud.  Glyptal case to seal.  Then heat to 250 degrees for a bit to cure.  Then carry-on brothers . . .