Save for Future Reference: Your basic belt drive, shift, foot peg set-up for open primary.
Other observations:
(Ring gear not necessary) (Bungee cord is necessary)

Morty says . . .

"I think it's time you tear down the Poison banner . . ."

Lights took a shit . . .

I'll just put on my "vintage electrical" thinking cap. Hmmmmmmm???
Thankfully - I got a magneto, I made it home!

Boring is Boring

I'm getting backed up with work - time to get back at it . . .
The VanNorman 900 boring bar has served us well.
Custom table is set up for 900/1000 Ironhead Sportster.


Zac and crew are first class (ok, you knew that) - An intellectually stimulating conversation was had by all. Great wares ta boot . . . get yours at

Kruse's Multi-Functional Wagon

This vehicle serves many useful functions:
1. Daily Transportation
2. Taxi
3. Refuge from inclement weather
4. Boardroom for important discussions and meetings
5. T-Shirt Distribution Center
6. Decompression and relaxation zone
7. Burnout wheel chock . . . (most important)

Lords of Loud

This Lords deal in Cedar Rapids was like really fuckin' cool. These guys put on a great show on short notice. Somebody worked really hard on making up some cool trophies. Despite the rain, everyone just sucked it up - and brought their neat old iron anyway. The different engine configurations is what I really get into - and there was plenty to look at . . . Hope to see you all again real soon - and if you missed it - I'm sure they'll be another one next year!

Sold ?

Didn't the Sands brothers sell PM . . ????


On the road . . . Interior, South Dakota

Bring your dirt and a bag . . .

Only a couple hours away . . . kind-of a no brainer . . .
Go Czech-it-out bro !

Epoxy Paint Sucks !

$7.00 can-o-stripper, a scraper, sand blast, another scraper, a propane torch, and more stripper. What a son-of-a-bitch. That shit was tough - but I'm winning now!

Jockey Top

Just cleaning up some freshly bead blasted parts for the project.

Norton Glory

To see these bikes is one thing - but, to hear these nitro machines run a full, clean pass through the 1/4 is music to the ears . . . sounds which will be lost forever.


Lots of 1st time riders bit it on these things - gnarly little dinger !
"Hey, take it for a spin . . . then - deader than a doornail . . ."

Wico Magneto

Flathead Fred & Knucklehead Ted

Triumph at the Pour House

15K or best offer

Elvis knows. . .

. . . how to kick start a motorcycle.
He owned Shovelheads, Sportsters, KHKs,
Elvis rode the cool shit.

Skat Blast from TP

Model: BB-731
This little benchtop blaster works great for Harley parts . . . I use the Skat Magic beads for a really nice finish on cast aluminum cases. Always bead blast those used gears to check for cracks, pits, etc.
( Hint: Drill a hole in the wall and run your shop vac outside to suck out the dust
and keep the shop clean . . .)

H Cam

"H" stands for: Harley, Hi-Lift, Heavy, Horsepower . . .
your basic panhead bumpstick.

Terry Noth

Harley-Davidson racing engine builder and historian. I like to pick his brain about cams, compression, carbs, anything HD . . . (I needed his new phone number)

'66 H

Another Davenport dream machine . . .

Too much yellow . . .

Big Wayne needed some stripes !

Bryan Smith again !

Smith wins the Springfield Mile - edging Chris Carr at the line. Bill Werner and Springsteen take the credit for tuning this fast bitch. Carr said the Kaw was too fast to draft . . .

The photo: via Josh Kurpius

It's more than just: No Windshields & No Front Fenders
If you really want to know what it's like to be a rider. A rider of classic Harley-Davidson choppers . . . all the feelings you get - All the gas stops - All the bugs, winds, animals, rains, the earth, cold, hot - everything . . . just ask these guys. I always look over their machines. They are built to run. Precautions have been taken to make sure they run. And the few times I see them - and say a few words to them - they are always smiling.


One of the coolest, nicest cats you'll ever meet.
(Just for the record, Bacon's knuckle is in that pickup box,
you just can't see it from all the stuff - if you zoom in, all you
can see is the sissy bar and part of a handlebar)

Coolest bike at Davenport

I kept lookin' around, but couldn't find the owner.
It was just plain ass bitchin' !!!