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Tulum & Isla Mujeres - Yucatan

I stayed in Tulum pueblo(city population-no resort) in a palapa roof, mosquito netted dwelling.  We traveled around on biciclatas(bicycles).  Many people live in makeshift shacks constructed with tar paper, particle board, blue tarps and palapa leaves for roofing.  Poor - but everyone seems quite happy.  
Below: I'm pictured at Tulum near a ruins that was used to torture and punish adulterers (men or women who mess around with someone other than their spouse) Those Mayans are short and small, but they reconquered the Spanish (after losing the first time) - and they don't mess around with lawbreakers.  The Mayans are fierce fighters.  Everything down here is beautiful, but fierce.  Their demise was believed to be a virus brought from Europe . . . hmmmmm, sound familiar with what's happening now?

Each morning we'd take off on bikes and ride to ruins or cenotes (large fresh water fed caverns) and we'd snorkel and swim to beat the heat.  One particular cenote had caves that you swim into - and once inside the ceiling opened up to reveal hundreds of bats flying around your head.  Depths of 30 to 100 feet under you at any moment - water clear as a bell - so it was nervous seeing the sudden depths beneath you.

Ropes at many times were strung to help lead you through tunnels.

We traveled by boat and floated by life jacket through the Sian Ka'an biosphere which is a 1.9 million acre wildlife refuge located near the Muyil ruins.  We had to hole-up in this Mayan pueblo during a heavy shower.  It was also infested with "baby bats."

Mexico is beautiful, but it has many things big and small that can kill you.  With just our feet and small backpack, we traveled,  hiked, walked and explored a lot of places while in Mexico.  On the go most of the day and night.  Stray dogs, scorpions(in our room) geckos, iguanas, snakes and the mosquito.  The sights, smells and vibes of the Yucatan are spiritual - and get your nerves and mind racing.  It's a trip.  A beautiful place, but pay attention !

After all that energy expired . . . we ate and drank like kings.  Mayans know how to eat, drink and celebrate life. This land is . . . "Where the Sky is Born."

We will be back.  If someday I just disappear - you may come find me (if you're brave enough) near the jungles of Coba (pronounced Co Baaa) Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox (Hole Bosh) or just riding up and down the coast on my (now very rusty) Harley WLA stopping to eat fish and drink rum.  Day after Day.

XLCH California Bound

Crated & Boxed . . . California Dreamin'

Larry LaDue & RAT PATROL

I'm out on an island, down in Mexico last week . . . and I run into a Texas gent named Will that knows more about 392 Chryslers than 'bout anyone . . . and he did a lot of drag racin' back in the day(1967-69) with Larry LaDue and Rat Patrol (which went in the low 7s . . . and eventually the 6s at 200mph.  Now the original dragster has been restored and runs again.  Glory !  That's super cool my Amigo !
Here's Will and his gal at "The Joint" . . . as we ducked a rain shower and had a refreshment.  Nice folks - fun talkin' with them - as we kept runnin' into 'em around the island.  Salud !

Drop the Hammer

Look kids . . . real motorcycles !
Top: road race brake, Ceriani, Wico, glass tank
Center: Dick Hammer with XLR motor, exhaust cross under,
aluminum mounts, rubber on  pegs and brake, Pirellis
Ready to smoke you at the track !
Bottom: This is the coolest . . .timeless.
Billet is dead - Iron is forever.

Pogo Seat Spring

If you have an aftermarket solo-seat post and it's kinda weak, I put a couple shovelhead valves spring over the post to give it more pressure at the "bottom out" position, so maybe it just helps keep the seat off the fender on the bigger bumps?  A little added spring pressure.  Or you could go on Nutrisystems? 

150 374 and 150 372

These are the Big Twin Side-Valve flywheels for 74" and 80" motors.   Building a complete motor, and he wants to "keep it crusty" on the outside.  Fresh on the inside.